Everyone you’ll meet at 6th Stockport is a volunteer. To make the group work we need more help, if you feel you could help us we would love to talk to you. Volunteering may also give you the opportunity to boost your CV and will help you stand out when it comes to job applications.

As a parent why not offer to help out at a few meetings and see what your children get up to.

There are various levels of commitment so don’t worry if you think you can only offer a few hours each month or term we would still like to hear from you. Here are a few examples of how you could help us:

  • Parent rota – Offer to help at a meeting, this could be helping with a specific activity or simply helping run a game. Parents can offer to help with up to one or two meetings each term in this way and no training is required.
  • Occasional Helper – An occasional helper can help out at meetings roughly once per month, you could also take part in a camp or activity away from our usual meeting place. You will be required to have a DBS check but no training is required.
  • Section Assistant – A section assistant will be attached to a specific section and can help out each week. They can take part in activities away from our usual meeting place and on camps. You will be asked to help with running games and activities during meetings and your opinions will be valued when we plan our programme each term.
    Section assistants must complete a short training module within 5 months of their appointment being made official and undergo a DBS check.
  • Assistant Section Leader – Leaders run the various sections and play a major role in helping plan a balanced, safe and exciting programme. You would form part of the core leadership team.
    This role requires a DBS check, a training advisor will be assigned to you to guide you through the training process that will give you the skills to run a section safely and effectively.
    Hard work but very rewarding.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help at 6th Stockport Scout Group please talk to or email one of the leaders or email 6thstockport@stockportscouts.org.uk